Shenica R. Graham
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Serving up life hacks with a side of psychology

It’s All Good!

Greetings! My name is Shenica Graham, and I will be your instructor. I hold a BA in Psychology and BA in General Studies. I teach psychology courses. I specialize in mental health disorders and behavior modification. I welcome you to Mental Platter, where your psych Plat Du Jour is always up and looking good.

Mental Platter is a derivative of a FREE Course Sample from My Psych Teacher University. This is your introduction to the course in behavior modification. Here, you will explore hacks for improving upon the sometimes mundane, albeit necessary processes of life. If you complete the series, you should be able to take practical steps toward personal fulfillment and improved wellness.

I initially wrote this curriculum to help me recover from major setbacks in my own life, including Major Depression, PTSD, and Bipolar Disorder. It began when I left a psychiatric ward after a frightening episode of suicidal depression. I had lost my core connection and I did not know who I was, where I was, or what to do about it.

New to Mental Platter?

Now that you have found the best place for what is vogue in mental health, here’s to your makeover that won’t leave you broke. You can change your entire life trajectory without ending up in a psychiatric ward. I’ll teach you how to go from frustrating madness to victorious living. One thing a Bipolar dealer (person battling the disorder) knows is how to use a little mania.

While a full discourse on any possible condition is beyond the scope of this course, getting educated about your challenges and resources is a next step beyond spiritual activities that can help you to cope while you receive healing. I believe it can work for you as you re-invent yourself.

The key to this course is keeping an honest and exact personal journal to chronicle starting benchmarks and progress (such as preexisting conditions, notes, challenges, setbacks, triumphs, interventions, and final results). You will also use your personal journal to record thoughts, feelings and information about your environment. This will help you understand your behaviors. You will be able to find self-negating thoughts and their underlying causes. Once you know the sources…



Shenica R. Graham

Shenica Graham holds a BA in Psychology and BA in General Studies. She teaches courses in mental health disorders and behavior modification.